Goa Questions and Answers
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Goa Questions and Answers

Goa – FAQ’S 

Where is Goa?


Goa is called the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and is a paradise to travelers from around the world. Legends have it that Lord Parshuram – an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu – created Goa. Goa was once a Portuguese colony and an important trading center, known for exotic spices. India reclaimed the land in 1961.


Goa is on the western coast of the Indian peninsula, in the Konkan coastal belt. To the north is Maharashtra, Karnataka is to the south and east, the Western Ghats, and the beautiful Arabian Sea is to the west. You have beautiful sandy beaches and ocean waves to the west. On the eastern side are the Western Ghats. The wildlife sanctuaries provide the perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts, trekkers, nature and animal lovers alike.

Goa is divided into 2 main areas – North Goa and South Goa. The ideal location of Goa also makes it possible to reach this state easily.


Goa is halfway between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator making it the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine and high daytime temperatures averaging 30ºC / 86ºF during your holiday to Goa. November through to April, are perfect for an exotic winter break. Monsoon season goes from mid-June to October and is the time when the rains come and the lush greenery of Goa is bathed and beautiful.

How do I get to Goa?

Drive, bus, train or plane, getting to Goa is easy. It depends upon your budget and how you want to get there. Many people love reaching Goa by train. You can sit back, relax and see the Indian countryside. If you’re a person who just likes to get to their destination quickly the flying is for you. A bus or train will be the least expensive and Airline will cost you the most. Fares on all means of travel change every day so look for deals, packages, and keep an eye on the prices with apps like Skyscanner and compare all the online travel websites.





Once you’re in Goa traveling is a breeze. While the prices have undoubtedly changed since this article was published  https://theculturetrip.com/asia/india/articles/getting-around-goa-everything-need-know/ has great advice.


What are good accommodations in Goa?

This is an exhaustive question with no one correct answer. Goa has accommodations for all travelers on all budgets. From the Hard Rock Hotel and other 5-star hotels to a shack on a beach or a hostel. From elite hotel resorts to cozy homestays your options are endless. First thing to consider is the length of your stay – getaway weekend, a week or a month or more. Then you must decide is the type of accommodation you are looking for. What are your comfort needs? Do you need room service or are you happier in a villa with a kitchen? Airbnb is a great place to start if you are in the mood for a longer stay in Goa. There are tons of websites that will help you find the perfect place to stay.


What are the best beaches in Goa?

Yoga Goa

The coastline of Goa has as many as 35 beaches for you to choose from. All of them are unique and special in their own way. Some are quiet for maximum relaxation, some are long and stretched out, great for walks and collecting sea shells, others are buzzing with water sports. It all depends on your mood of the day and if you are in North Goa or South Goa. There are shacks with loungers and umbrellas in almost all the beaches. Whatever type of beach day you are in the mood for – Goa has the beach for you. And you can enjoy Beach Yoga in Goa





Is there anything other than beaches in Goa?

If the surf and sand are not your thing have no fear. From trekking adventures, historical sightseeing, biking, shopping, restaurants and cafes galore, Goa offers something for everyone. There are even casinos for an exciting night out. You will never be bored and there are many websites to help you choose. I have shared my favorites below. It is best to call ahead and make sure the excursion you are planning on is open and not booked up.








What is the food like in Goa?

Goa Travel

Goa is famous for its food; in fact, it is a Foodie’s paradise. Traditional Goan restaurants offer delicious seafood specialties and local cuisine. From fancy fine dinning to street food that will make taste buds yearn for more, you will never go hungry in Goa. If you like fish you must try Ambot-tik, an exotic sweet and sour dish and one of the most famous dishes of Goa. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, no need to worry, you will find vegetarian options on all menus and Goa has many cafes and restaurants specifically for you. Whatever your appetite is in the mood for – in Goa you will never be hungry. My personal advice – as a local or the person at the check-in counter of your hotel where they like to eat – That’s how you find the hidden gems.






Is there Yoga in Goa?

Yoga Teacher Training Goa

YES! Whether you want to try your first class, are a beginning yoga practitioner or a serious yogini, you will find yoga all over Goa. From drop-in classes, to week long retreats, to 200-hour teacher training courses, from Hatha to Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Yin – rest assured you will find the perfect yoga practice is here for you in Goa.







Who the heck is Goa Gill?

Goa Gill - DJ

Goa Gil is one the oldest DJs in the world. The man is an electronic music legend yet his story is mostly unknown. Born in American in San Francisco in 1951 at age the musician came to India at age 18. Mahant Swami Nirmanaland, gave Gil his first initiations. The artist, who is also a sadhu, dedicated his life to “raise awareness through music”. It is in that quest, between the 70’s and the 90s, that he and his companions shaped the spirit of the modern rave in the continuity of the hippy movements. Goa Gil wears many different hats. Artist, priest, event organizer, philosopher… But it is his DJ sets that made him famous. He is one of the founders of the goa trance and psytrance movement in electronic music.

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Goa – FAQ’S  Where is Goa? Goa is called the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and is a paradise to travelers from around the world. Legends have it that Lord Parshuram – an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu – created Goa. Goa was once a Portuguese colony and an important trading center, known for exotic spices. India reclaimed the land in…
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