Say Lover
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say lover

Adrione Domino started practicing yoga in 2003 in classes where the yoga instructor didn’t look like her. She learned that yoga meant “Unity” and didn’t feel the sense of community in those spaces. It wasn’t until 2017 that she decided to enroll in a 500 hour yoga teacher-training program to deepen her personal practice. Her intent wasn’t to become a yoga instructor, but weeks into her training she was compelled to teach, so she could share the benefits of yoga with others. Immediately after becoming a certified yoga instructor, she began offering community yoga classes. In 2019, she co-founded Domineaux Yoga with the goal to make yoga accessible to her community. In addition to her weekly sessions, she curated themed yoga events that attracted hundreds of attendees from all shapes, sizes, colors and walks of life.


In 2020, she traveled to India for a more extensive teacher training, deepening her knowledge and adding more credentials in her practice. Shortly after she returned to the United States, she founded Say Love Yoga, a community that connects people all around the world with yoga. Her mission is to inspire everyday people to explore true self-love using yoga as a tool.